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BJ's Beer Menu Re-engineering

The new world of craft beer can be very intimidating for newcomers visiting a concept as beer-centric as BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse.  As part of a complete beverage re-engineering strategy for BJ's, we helped calm those fears, and promote discovery of new flavors by redesigning the BJ's beer list from more of a classic text based list to a more graphic based one that delivered three key objectives: 

  1. Tell the story of the BJ's Brewing Team
  2. Deliver an easy to understand craft beer guide
  3. Help the guest pair the beer with their food

Results drove increased incidence, and trial, of BJ's craft beers.  Since proprietary craft beers are more profitable than selling other branded beers, the strategy also drove more profit to the bottom line.  Finally, since these are proprietary products you can't get anywhere else, the strategy should also prove to increase overall increased frequency with repeat purchases through and improved value preference.