To Mead or Not To Mead? What Is It Anyway Honey?

We spent a very enjoyable evening at the annual San Diego MIT Enterprise Forum Wine Social benefiting San Diego STEM and SEPT students.  Located at the Birch Aquarium with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, what better place to enjoy sampling from over 35 boutique wineries.  Then we ran into Mead.  Sweet, sweet, mellow Mead.  We must say, we were very happy to meet his acquaintance, but we admittedly knew nothing about Mead and got a quick education when we rookies called him beer. 

Thanks to our friends at Golden Coast Mead, we were enlightened to find out that Mead is fermented honey.  With the popularity of sweeter malted beverages, will Mead be the next Angry Orchard?  The next hard root beer?  The next hard lemonade?  Seems like Mead is not the sexiest of names so the marketers might need to work their magic on this one.  However, keep the marketers away from the brewers.  Mead is too sweet a beverage to mess with.  How would you adjust the name to be more mass market?