White Board Of Your Dreams - BTP Tech Tuesday

We love whiteboards.  The bigger, the better.  We have noticed that the larger the whiteboard, the bigger the idea gets and the more it expands into something amazing.  We once had an office where we paneled a room with shower enclosure board so that all four walls (including the door) were white board from floor to ceiling.  Talk about being immersed in your work.  Inexpensive too.  Those panels only cost about $20 each!

Whiteboards just beg to be written on.  They beg for more solutions.  They beg for creativity.  They beg for smarmy comments.  They welcome public displays of illegal office betting fantasy football rankings.  Sticky notes, taped up pictures, poorly drawn stick men and dry erase art from visiting staff members kids that never get erased make for a happy, happy whiteboard.  How anyone survives without a whiteboard within reach is beyond us.

If you agree, this edition of BTP Tech Tuesday is for you.  In fact, today we bring to you all the whiteboard you can eat.  A truly unlimited sized whiteboard for your brainstorming enjoyment sans the dry erase pen smell.  Not only is it limitless in size, it is also environmentally sound since it is virtual and uses no pens, tape, sticky notes, print outs or torn out magazine pages.  However, you use it the same way and you can invite your friends from around the world to join you for your whiteboard-palooza's.

Realtimeboard.com is your destination for whiteboard bliss.  Now, no matter where you are, you have a whiteboard.  Desktop, tablet or mobile you have a whiteboard in front of you.  Invite friends, colleagues or your kids from wherever you are to collaborate and elaborate.

At BTP, we have used it to brainstorm more than one successful brand turn-around plan, award winning new breakfast programs, next generation menu designs, new marketing technology platforms, a late night social media strategy and the list goes on.....because it can....the whiteboard is endless after all isn't it?