Everyone Has Mad Graphic Design Skills With Canva - BTP Tech Tuesday

Now that everyone has a facebook page(s), Twitter, LinkedIn, personal website(s), Instagram, Pinterest, tumblr, etc., etc., you need to have graphics as wicked cool as everyone else right?  However, you are not a Photoshop ninja and ninjas aren't cheap let alone easy to find (Because, you know, they're ninjas!).  How can you make slick facebook headers or those smart looking infographic things when you lack the mad skills of the latte drinking hipster graphic designers sporting Apple window stickers on their cars and Vespa scooters?  Canva is your answer.  Plus, if you can handle paying absolutely nothing, this platform will be your new attractive friend that makes you look better just because you are next to them.

Canva is stupid easy to use as the cool kids say.  Drag and drop.  Cut and paste.  Pre-designed templates, free images, free icons, free illustrations and an exceptional "How To" section called Design School with tons of examples easily categorized so you can find what you want and how to design it.  In no time, you will be posting infographics, amazing social media posts and publishing your new ebook cover for that sci-fi romantic comedy trilogy you always wanted to write.  Yes, soon you will be such a good graphic designer you will feel compelled to start walking around with your laptop in a $300 waxed canvas Union Street Messenger Bag while sipping your dark and sultry French roast.

All BrandTrip Partners social media banners, graphic posts and infographics are created with Canva and ample amounts of dark and sultry French roast when within reach.  No room for cream either.  Hard core.