BrandTrip Partners CEO Tim Hackbardt Gives Insights On KFC Turnaround To QSR Magazine

As an expert on restaurant turnarounds, QSR Magazine reached out to our CEO Tim Hackbardt to provide insights on the positive momentum at KFC.  He comments on everything from Rob Lowe in a space suit to their historical struggle to have success at selling chicken sandwiches.


Join BrandTrip Partners CEO Tim Hackbardt in his efforts to support the Challenged Athletes Foundation as he takes on his own challenge to complete his first Ironman race.

"Each year I set a big goal to break down personal barriers and help an organization do some good. Then I commit to it and figure out how to get there," said Hackbardt.  "Last year it was all about climbing 10 of the most famous mountains of the Tour de France even though I hadn't owned a road bike in over 20 years. [Click here to view his 2016 Climbing France For CAF blog]  After training for six months, riding 3,353 miles, and climbing 313,207 feet I arrived in France.  I rode all 10 mountains completing 430 miles, and 64,313 feet of climbing, in eight days.  I also raised over $4,600 for Challenged Athletes Foundation.  I came up short on my goal of raising $10,000 for CAF, but a lot of good was accomplished with what were able to donate to their cause.

So, in 2017, what do you do to top riding 10 of the most famous mountains of the Tour de France?  Become an Ironman of course.  What barrier will we he overcoming?  At age 52 he does not know how to swim.  An important skill when you need to start the day with a 1.2 mile swim in a pack of a few hundred people in wetsuits and bright swim caps flailing their arms and legs in a large body of water.  He is betting that his fear, and anxiety, of drowning will turn into determination to avoid that negative outcome called death.  That being said, the decision has been made and money has been invested in an entry fee.  At his own cost he will attempt to swim 1.2 miles, cycle 56 miles, and run 13.1 miles on October 29th, 2017 in Austin, Texas at the 70.3 Ironman Austin.

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Unfortunately, last year he did not reach his goal of raising $10,000 for Challenged Athletes Foundation. he came up short.  Since CAF was originally founded by the triathlon community, they are the natural choice and they continue to have more grant requests from their athletes than they have money to fulfill those requests. Thus, he has reset the start button at a goal of raising $10,000 through his new 2017 Ironman Austin challenge.

CAF athletes face even greater challenges overcoming physical disabilities and being able to afford the cost of equipment such as sports wheelchairs, handcycles, mono skis and sports prosthetics, and resources for training and competition expenses. Please join Tim in making a donation towards the $10,000 fundraising goal. You will provide individuals with physical challenges with the tools necessary to find success in sports — and in life.


Mobile Payments Today "5 Tidbits You Need To Know" At CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit Include Quote From BTP CEO Tim Hackbardt

Following the CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit, Mobile Payments Today published an article on the "5 Tidbits You Need To Know" from the conference.  #3 was contributed by our own BTP CEO, Tim Hackbardt while speaking while sharing vision and learnings from our work with restaurant chains developing new mobile Technology, big data and media strategies during the session titled "Personalized & Relevant:  Cracking The Code On Mobile Success."

In the Mobile Payments Today article, his counsel included the following quote from the session:  "Adoption works really well when [consumers] utilize an app and the staff knows what to do. That's the area where people are falling behind.  We see everything falling down right there [with untrained staff].  Adoption isn't going to happen unless that experience at the restaurant is good."

Here is a summary of all 5 tidbits from the article.

  1. Douglas Kwong, digital director, Cicis Pizza: "The mobile industry right now is like [search engine optimization] in the mid-2000s. We know it's important, we're trying to figure out how to prioritize its importance against the other channels." Kwong made the statement during a panel discussion about the mobile marketer's dilemma of how best to reach consumers on smartphones. Cicis launched its mobile app in December and saw 100,000 downloads in the first five weeks.
  2. Graham Gunst, associate partner of interactive experience and digital strategy, IBM Interactive Experience: "I'm going to get a better experience if I exchange it for some data. Obviously, I want my data protected. [But] it's the trade-off of a better experience for privacy." Gunst shared this view during a panel discussion about how different connected devices are becoming more prevalent in the shopping experience. And with that comes questions about whether consumers are willing to share private information in exchange for an incentive or service.
  3. Tim Hackbardt, CEO, BrandTrip Advisors:"Adoption works really well when [consumers] utilize an app and the staff knows what to do. That's the area where people are falling behind. We see everything falling down right there [with untrained staff]. Adoption isn't going to happen unless that experience at the restaurant is good.” Hackbardt brought up this longstanding issue during a panel about cracking the code on mobile success.
  4. Joe Scartz, managing director of digital commerce and integration, TPN: "[Mobile] is an extension of the consumer. If you want to create great user experiences, mobile is going to be a central part." Scartz reiterated a common theme at the summit during the mobile marketer's dilemma panel.
  5. Rick Ruskin, marketing and product of online commerce, General Motors:"The traditional buying model is dead. It's not there anymore. As we look at this customer journey changing, the buying process is done before you talk to the customer." Ruskin's view on the current shopping experience is probably one of the best you'll hear at a conference and he made this comment as he moderated the "Going Beyond the Phone" panel.