Chaos Killing Project Management App - BTP Tech Tuesday

We are currently using this platform to design, and launch, a new restaurant concept for a multi-brand restaurant company.  We have also used it to help develop a new technology infrastructure for another of our clients.  Two very complex projects that involve every department in these respective organizations.  They are the type of projects that would normally create the need for caution tape around an office space of the lucky person who was chosen/volunteered to "own" them.  However, thanks to, our readiness continues to be held at a calming DEFCON 5.  

You have experienced the headaches.  Hunting through emails to find correspondence from multiple people, trying to find previous versions of files and attempting to understand where the organization is currently on the timeline are all issues when managing a complex project.  This creates a lot of project chaos, way too much for you to remember and the ole' spreadsheet tracking isn't cutting it anymore.  The result:  Loss of sleep, increased use of coffee/energy drinks and friends/family finding ways to avoid the cranky sleep deprived person mumbling to themselves.  

A number of years ago, we discovered a life-changing project management tool called Basecamp solving many of these same issues that made us less socially acceptable during daylight hours.  Primarily used at advertising agencies, this online portal was revolutionary in keeping the project, and all communications, in one place.  No more hunting for emails and files.  Simply log in, open the project and everything is there.  Plus, you can archive it.  However, what about that timeline?  How do you keep everyone on track? is our new friend.  It does all of what Basecamp does and more.  Set up automatic reminders for each individual participant to help them know their stage of the project is coming due (or overdue) without you having to remember.  Set up tasks and milestones.  Attribute them specifically to team members who own them.  And, our favorite, flow this all out into a Gantt chart showing how the project looks over time and where it is today.