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del taco viral summer strategy

Summer is prime time for fast food sales.  The strategy for this sweepstakes for Del Taco was to provide real additional value to the guest upon every drink purchase to drive additional transactions throughout the period. To do this, we went beyond the usual food prizes that you would get only on some of the game pieces.  In this sweepstakes, the guest would be a winner every time!  We used what we call OPM.  Other Peoples Money.  With 2.5 million guests per week, we approached potential partners that would like to reach Del Taco guests and offered them the opportunity to do so by providing the prizes.  Brands like Oneill Surfwear, ....Lost, Warner Bros Music and others came together to deliver 1,000,000 prizes to consumers and a very profitable summer for Del Taco.

The program was supported with custom merchandising, four different uniquely designed collectors cups, television commercials and a series of social media short films.  The films were a multi-episode story around a seven foot kangaroo and the community he had infiltrated.  The kangaroo was the star of the television commercials and the film series was the social media long form extension strategically designed to be viewed, shared and ultimately deliver entertainment that would develop a lasting emotional attachment to brand beyond the short term promotion.

CLICK TO WATCH - Del Taco "Kangaroo Legend" Web Short

CLICK TO WATCH - Del Taco "Gamers" Web Short