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farmer boys breakfast bowls

This is a perfect example of how rolling up our sleeves and living the business drove a very successful strategic plan.  Farmer Boys is known for their big breakfasts.  We were working the drive-thru and noticed that guys in drywall trucks and landscapers were coming through getting the Farmer Boys three egg breakfasts for their crews.  Quickly, we discovered that one three egg breakfast takes three pieces of packaging and a big bag to put it in.  There had to be a better way.  Basically, we developed a "Big Ol' Breakfast In A Bowl To Go"!  A hearty breakfast, conveniently delivered in a bowl that easily stacks on top of the other bowl.  Now, four big breakfasts go out the door and only one piece of packaging per breakfast.  Together, the recipes we developed became the largest selling breakfast item on the menu within a few short weeks and also received a "Best Menu Innovation" award from Restaurant Business Magazine along with Best Radio Campaign from Nation's Restaurant News.